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"We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our wonderful customers who support us and our accomplishments. They've made the last year a truly rewarding and successful one for Haefner Cutting Horses."

Acey Jay--2012 Western Nationals Sr. Youth Finalist with Madelyn Perry, great job to this new team!!

A Little Patron--owned and shown by David Booth, 2013 PCCHA NonPro Derby Finalist!!

Aristo Anne-owned by Corda Ranch and shown by Joyce, NCCHA Non Pro Futurity Champion--congratulations to this new team!!


Boons Magic Cat - Owned and shown by Barb Poundstone, 2012 PCCHA TOP 10 $5000 Novice Non Pro with Barb Poundstone--great job!! GCCHA Diaz Show $35k Non Pro class WINNER, great job!!2010 NCCHA $5,000 Nov./Non Pro Champion and NCCHA $15,000 Nov./Non Pro Champion!! 2009 NCCHA $5000 Nov/NP class winner shown by Barb--congrats!! Shown by Jason -money earner first time out at the Echeta Ranch Aged Event '09!

Calena Telesis--2012 Western Nationals Sr. Youth Finalist with Jake Brennan and winner of the Youth Team Cutting with a 218, congrats!!

Call Me A Miracle Babe -- Owned and shown by Rebecca Pine, marking a 74 to win the McArthur $15k Amateur class with Jenna Pine!! 2013 PCCHA SPRING ROUNDUP TOP 5 15k AMATEUR with Jenna Pine!! Congratulations to Jenna Pine, 2012 PCQHA AMATEUR CUTTING CHAMPION!!! QHEAC 2012 Circuit Champion Amateur Cutting with Jenna Pine and AQHA World Show Qualified--congrats! shown by Jenna 2011 AQHA World Show Qualified in the Amateur! Congratulations to Jenna Pine for qualifying for the 2011 AQHA World Show!!

Casholena Owned by Debbe Fonsen, and shown by Tracy Pasquini, 2009 McArthur Bridle-less Champions marking an amazing 152!! Shown by Debbe Fonsen - circuit champions at the Echeta Ranch Cutting in the Senior Non Pro.

Cat N Charm - Shown by David Booth, TOP 5 $15,000 Nov./NP, 2013 PCCHA Champion $15000 Nov./Non Pro Champion with David!! Wine Country Circuit Champion $15000 Nov./NP, 2013 McArthur $15k Nov./NP Champion!, 2012 Western Nationals Non Pro Champion

Chex O Wena
, owned/ridden by Stacey Lombardi were the proud recipients of the 2006 RECHA Most Improved Rider Trophy. Congratulations Stacey!

Chulas Cheerleader--owned by Bintage Oaks Ranch and shown by Jason, shown by Chris Brennan, 2013 PCCHA Top 5 $15000 Amateur with Christopher! 2012 Grand National Youth Reserve Champion!! winner for the $1500 Novice Class at the Las Vegas Summer Cutting--great job!

Crossing Red River -- owned by the Booth family, shown by David, 2011 NCHA WORLD CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP and PCCHA CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP--we are so proud of you and Big Red!!! PCCHA Tejon $5k Nov./NP Circuit Champion, great job! Ridden by David, 2011 RECHA Summer Spectacular $5k Nov/NP Circuit Champion and McArthur $5k Nov/NP Circuit Champion!!, 2011 Rancho Murieta Spring Show $5k Nov/Np Champion!, 2010 PCCHA $200,000 5/6 Non Pro Finalist, 2010 El Rancho Aged Event 5/6 Non Pro Finalist, 2010 Las Vegas South Point 5/6 Non Pro Finalist, Limited and Gelding Champion--Congrats!! PCCHA Paso Robles $200K 5/6 Non Pro Finalist with David, 2009 PCCHA 5/6 $200K Non Pro finalist, finishing 3rd as well as the Senior Champion and Gelding Champion with Roger Booth in the saddle. Also, 2009 PCCHA 5/6 $50k Amateur finalist, 3rd with David Booth, shown by David Booth making the NCHA '09 Super Stakes 5/6 Limited Non Pro Finals. Also, PCCHA Paso Robles 5/6 Non Pro Finalist, and dual circuit champion Mebane Summer Show in the 5/6 Open w/Jason and the 5/6 NP w/David.

Cowhouse Classy Cat-owned/shown by Stephanie Smith, 2012 Grand National Reserve Champion Nov. Amateur, CONGRATS to this new team!!

Diamonds N Color--owned and shown by Rick Anderson, Clements Cutting Club winner of the 2000 Limit class--congrats!!Winning their first NCHA money as a new team at the 2013 RECHA Winter Circuit, great job!!

Docs Becky Solano - owned and shown by Maddie, 2011 PCCHA Futurity Scholarship Winner Sr. Youth., PCCHA 2010 Year End Res. Champion Jr. Youth, 2010 PCCHA Youth Invitational Qualifier and Top 5 Buckle Winner, 2010 PCCHA Paso Robles Youth Reserve Champion--congratulations! 2009 NCCHA Top 5 Winner $2000 Limit., PCCHA TOP TEN Youth with Maddie Perry

  Dots Are Wild--owned and shown by Charlene Paulo, 2013 PCCHA $50,000 Amateur Classic/Challenge Finalist, great job!!


Flozette - NCHA TOP 15 $10,000 Amateur with Michael Gennis, NCHA TOP 15 $2000 Limit, PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION $2000 Limit, PCCHA TOP 5 $10,000 Am.


Freckles A Smart Cat - owned by Shannon Rahlves and shown by Jason, 2011 El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist, 6th--Congratulations!


Guaranteeya Julestar -- 2013 PCCHA SPRING ROUNDUP SR. YOUTH CHAMPION with Christopher Brennan!!! 2012 PCCHA FUTURITY JR. YOUTH CO-CHAMPION with Christopher Brennan!! 2012 Western Nationals Open Finalist with Jason, Western National Championships Top Ten $3000 Nov. with Jason, and Reserve Champion $5000Nov/NP with Dana, NCHA WORLD CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP with Dana Haefner, NCHA RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION $3000 Nov. with Jason Haefner, PCCHA CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP, PCCHA CHAMPION $3000 Nov., AZCHA CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP, AZCHA CHAMPION $3000 Nov., NRCCHA CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP, NRCCHA CHAMPION $3000 Nov., Area CHAMPION $5000 Nov./NP, Area CHAMPION $3000 Nov. 2009 PCCHA 5/6 $200K Non Pro finalist, as well as Reserve Champion $100K Non Pro and Reserve Champion Gelding, KCCHA '09 $5000 Nov/NP Circuit Champion, 2009 Echeta Ranch Year End $5000 Nov/NP Champion, 2009 McArthur 3000 Nov. Circuit Champion with Jason, and McArthur 5000 Nov/NP Circuit Champion with Dana, 2009 South Point Circuit Champion 3000 Novice with Jason, and 5000 Nov/NP with Dana, PCCHA Summer Circuit $5K Nov./NP Circuit Champion, UCHA $3000 Nov. Circuit Champ. with Jason and UCHA $5000 Nov./NP Circuit Champ. with Dana, AZCHA 2009 3000 Nov. Circuit Champion with Jason, and AZCHA 2009 5000 Nov./NP Circuit Champion with Dana! Also, 2009 RECHA 500 Nov/NP Circuit Champion!!! Last year, mult. aged event finalist, and 2008 AQHA World Show Qualified Amateur. NCCHA '08 3000 Nov/NP Champion, winner of a beautiful new saddle, and Champion Overall High-Point Horse -- Great Job!!


Guaranteed Merada was a Non Pro Derby Finalist, with Dana at the Reno Stakes, Paso Robles Open derby finalist with Jason, Diaz Ranch Open Derby Res. Champ., and Diaz Ranch Non Pro Derby Champ., winning over $28,000. He is now winning in the Non Pro with his new owner, Lou Morris. Congrats to Lou Morris, finishing 3rd in the 5/6 Amateur finals at the Bonina Aged Event--first aged event together and already making the finals, great job!

Hickory T Wood - Owned by Mark & Rebecca Pine, Shown by Jason, 2011 QHEAC Senior Cutting Circuit Champion!! Shown by Rebecca, 2011 Las Vegas AQHA Amateur Circuit Champion and High Point Cutting Horse, 2011 AQHA World Qualifier--congratulations!! shown by Jason, 2010 AQHA World Show Qualified in the Senior. Congratulations to Jenna Pine and Woody for winning 2nd their first time showing together, and their first check together--great job!!

I'll Be A Trick Pony -- owned by Rose Hayes, Shown by Rose, - 2012 PCCHA $35000 Non Pro Champion, congrats!! AZCHA Circuit Champion 35k Nonpro!! 2012 Western Nationals $15K Am. Finalist, 2012 El Rancho $35k NP Champion! 2012 RECHA $35K Non Pro Champion, 2011 NCHA WORLD CHAMPION $15k Amateur, PCCHA CHAMPION $15k Amateur, NCHA Top Ten $35k NP and PCCHA Top 5 $35k NP--great job!!2011 McArthur $15k Am. Saddle Circuit Winner and $35K Non Pro Circuit Champion!!, 2011 PCCHA Purina $15K Amateur Top 5. Shown by Maddie Perry in the Sr. Youth, 2011 PCCHA Top 5, Shown by Jason, 2010 NCCHA Amateur Saddle Champion, and NCCHA $15,000 Champion and $50,000 Amateur Reserve Champion--congrats!, 2009 NCCHA Reserve Champion $15,000 Nov./Non Pro , 4th $20,000 Non Pro., '09 Echeta Ranch Year End $10,000 Nov. Champion--Congrats! Shown by Rose Hayes - Top 10 in the PCCHA 10K Nov NP, and were Co-Champions for the '08 NCCHA 20,000 NP saddle, and 3rd in the 10K Nov/NP.



Lenas Rosette -- owned/shown by Madelynn Perry, 2009 NCCHA Champion Junior Youth--great job!, PCCHA TOP TEN Youth, were the NCCHA '08 Jr. Youth Reserve Champions first year showing!



Little Razzmatazz --owned/ridden by Bob Cooley, 2012 Grand National Reserve Champion Sr. with Jason! Shown by Bob, 2011 Cow Palace Grand National Amateur Reserve Champion!! Shown by Jason, 2011 Rancho Murieta Spring Show $3k Nov. Champion and class winner in the $50K Amateur with owner Robert Cooley--great job!! Top 5 20 NP Paso Robles Derby, and 2008 AQHA World Show Junior Finalist, as well as '08 year end AQHA Top 5 Junior Horse in the Nation.

  -- Congratulations to Roger Booth for winning the Western National Championships $50,000 Amateur! NCHA WORLD CHAMPION $50K Amateur with Roger Booth, PCCHA CHAMPION $50K Am., AZCHA CHAMPION $50K Am., Area CHAMPION $50K Am., 2009 McArthur 50,000 Amateur Circuit Champion with Roger, UCHA $50,000 Am. Circuit Champion, AZCHA 2009 50,000 Am. Circuit Champion, ridden and owned by Roger Booth--Congrats!

Miss Pepnic--owned and shown by Christopher Brennan and Jake Brennan. shown by Jake Brennan and RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION $35,000 Non Pro, shown by Christopher Brennan SHOW CHAMPION and TOP 5 $15,000 Amateur. 2013 PCCHA Champion $35000 Non Pro with Jake, congrats!! Wine Country Circuit Champion $35000 NP with Jake, with Christopher Brennan, 2013 McArthur $15k Amateur Saddle Winner!! Also, with Jake, $35k Non Pro Circuit Champion! 2013 PCCHA SPRING ROUNDUP 35k NON PRO CHAMPION with Jake Brennan and 15k AM TOP 5 with Christopher--great job!!!2012 PCCHA $15k Amateur Top 5 with Jake Brennan!! Shown by Jake, 2012 Grand National Youth Champion!! 2012 Western Nationals Jr. Youth Finalist, with Christopher, finishing 4th--great job!! 2012 El Rancho Youth Champion with Chris and $15,000 Amateur Champion with Jake--congrats!! 2012 RECHA $15K Amateur Champion with Jake Brennan, 2011 PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION Jr. Youth with Christopher Brennan and PCCHA RES. SUPERHORSE, and PCCHA Top 5 $2000 Limit with Jake Brennan--great job on a great year!! Ridden by Christopher, 2011 PCCHA Futurity Res. Champion Jr. Youth and Scholarship Winner in the Sr. Youth with Jake, 2011 Cow Palace Grand National Champion Youth--great job!! PCCHA Tejon Jr. Youth Champion, congrats!  2011 McArthur Jr. Youth Circuit Champion!! And Mid-State Fair $2k class winner with Jake, marking a 74!! Shown by Christopher in the Jr Youth and Jake in the Sr Youth, both making the 2011 PCCHA Paso Robles Top 5, 2010 PCCHA Year End Top 10 Jr. Youth with Chris Brennan and Top 10 Sr. Youth with Jake Brennan, 2010 NCCHA Youth Champion and 2010 PCCHA Youth Invitational Qualifier and Top Ten--good job!


Mr Flo Lo  Shown by Jan, 2010 NCCHA $50,000 Amateur CHAMPION--we are so proud of you!, NCCHA '08 10,000 Am. Top 5. Also, was a dual champion at the Diaz Ranch Cutting, as Open Derby Champion with Jason riding, as well as the Non Pro Derby Champion with owner Jan Brandt in the saddle. Great job!!

Mylanta Blue Gees--Owned and shown by Lori Smith, 2012 El Rancho $1000 Amateur Class Winner, great job! Class winner of the $1000 Amateur and first time money earner at the 2011 Spring RECHA show!!

Photo by Ted Petit Photography.
My Travalin Samantha, NCHA WORLD TOP 5 $10,000 Nov. with Jason, PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION $10,000 Nov., AREA CHAMPION $10,000 Nov., AZCHA 3rd, $10,000 Nov., 2009 Mebane Summer Cutting Circuit Champion 10,000 Novice, 2009 Mebane Ranch Spring Cutting 10,000 Nov. Circuit Champion, was PCCHA Top 10 in the 10K Novice., also winning the 10,000 Novice at the El Rancho Classic, owned by Mike Chiappari, shown by Jason.


Oakie Dokey Uno, owned/shown by Chari Perce - PCCHA year end Top 5 10,000 Am. and top 10 NCHA 10,000 Am. world standings. Congrats to Chari and Cody for becoming the '08 VCHA 20,000 NP Res. Champions and winning the Roohide Saddle Shoot-out with a 74!!


Peps Smart Twist--Owned by Dedee McWhorter, 2012 Western Nationals 50,000 Amateur Champion with Dedee, 2012 PCCHA TOP 10 $35000 Nonpro with Dedee McWhorter--congrats!! shown by Jason, KCCHA Fall Show $3000 Nov. class winner! Shown by Dedee, 2011 PCCHA Futurity 5/6 Amateur $25,000 Division Finalist--great job to this new team!!


Peptorevenue -- Owned by Mark & Becky Pine, shown by Jenna Pine, 2011 AQHA World Show Qualified in the Amateur! Congratulations on qualifying for the 2010 AQHA World Show in just 1 show!! Congratulations to Rev and Jason for qualifying for the 2009 AQHA World Show at the first show of the year! Also, owned and shown by Barbara Poundstone, were NCCHA '08 Res. Champions in the 3000 Nov/NP!


Philharmonica -- Shown by Jason, Western National Championships Top Ten in the Open--great job!! PCCHA year end Top 5 Open, owned by Meg Chiappari and shown by Jason, was Reserve Champion 3000 Novice for the PCCHA and top 6 in the World, earning in excess of $18,000.  Philharmonica and Jason were the Sundance Cutting Horse Assoc. Open Circuit Champions and McArthur Cutting Open Circuit Champions. Philharmonica and Jason were the Open Circuit Champions at the AzCHA show.


Pretty Lil Starlight -- Owned by Rebecca Pine, shown by Rebecca and Jason, 2011 AQHA World Show Qualified in the Senior! Shown by Jason --2010 NCCHA $3000 Novice Champion, 2010 AQHA World Show Qualified in the Senior. Owned and shown by Tracy Pasquini, was PCCHA 2000 Limit Top 10 and NCCHA '08  Reserve Champion 2000 Limit -- great job for this new team!

Peptorevenue--2012 AQHA World Show Qualified Amateur Cutting with Jenna Pine, 2011 AQHA World Show qualified

Poco Hickory Chexx--Owned and shown by Heidi, 2010 NCCHA $500 Non Pro Reserve Champion., Congratulations to owner/rider Heidi Thompson on being a year end winner first year out--2009 NCCHA $2000 Limit, 3rd--we're so proud of you and your "Harley"!!

Pretty Lil Starlight--Shown by Jason, 2011 Cow Palace Grand National AQHA Senior Cutting Champion!!

Pure Redwhiteandblue--shown by Roger Booth, TOP 15 $5,000 Nov./NP, 2013 PCCHA Top 5 $5000 Nov./Non Pro.

Quixotes Peppy Prom--owned and shown by Claudia Casselberry, 2011 Rancho Murieta Spring Show $1000 Amateur Reserve Champion and NCHA money earner--congratulations!!

Quixote Telesis -- shown by Sarah, Congratulations on being the 2013 GCCHA Amateur Saddle Champion and Top Ten High Point Horse!! 2011 Cow Palace Grand National Nov. Amateur Reserve Champion! 2011 QHEAC Nov. Amateur Circuit Champion!! 2010 PCCHA Year End Top 5 $2000 Limit, 2010 NCCHA $15,000 Amateur and $2000 Limit 3rd., 2009 NCCHA Reserve Champion $500 Rider, $2000 Limit Top 5 Winner--great job!!Huge congrats to QT and Sarah for qualifying for the 2009 AQHA World Show Amateur at the first show of the year! Also, shown by Sarah, was the NCCHA '08 500 Non Pro Reserve Champion -- great job!!


Ray Alena -- owned by Corda Ranch and shown by Alan Oglesby, 2011 NCHA WORLD STANDINGS 3RD $2000 Limit and PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION $2000 Limit, --so proud of you!!! 2011 RECHA Summer Spectacular $2k Limit Res. Champion!! 2011 Rancho Murieta Spring Show $2000 Limit Reserve Champion--Congratulations!! 2010 NCCHA $5000 Nov./Non Pro Reserve Champion, and 2010 NCCHA Buckle Class CHAMPION with Alan Oglesby riding--congratulations to this great gelding!, NCCHA $3000 Novice Reserve Champion with Jason and $5000 Nov/Non Pro 3rd with Joyce in the saddle, El Rancho Futurity Finalist $200K NonPro Derby and Finalist $50K Amateur Derby!! Also, '08 PCCHA Am. Derby Gelding Champion -- congrats!

Reys Dual Victory--owned by Mark and Rebecca Pine, shown by Jason TOP 10 $3000 Novice, shown by Jenna Pine, 2013 PCCHA Top 5 $15000 Amateur with Jenna Pine and Top 5 $3000 Novice with Jason!! marking their first 75 together and winning the AZCHA Oct. $15000 Amateur Circuit Championship--great job! shown by Rebecca and 2013 AQHA World Amateur Cutting qualified at their first show, congrats to this new team!!

Rondees Playboy -- owned by Joyce Corda, Shown by Jason, 2010 PCCHA Year End Top 5 $15,000 Amateur with Joyce Corda, 2010 NCCHA Open Champion and show by Joyce, 2010 NCCHA $15,000 Amateur Reserve Champion--great job!!NCCHA Open Reserve Champion with Jason and $20,000 Non Pro Champion with Joyce--great job!! Top 5 20 NP Paso Robles Derby. These two were PCCHA Top Ten in 10,000 Am! Also, 2008 RECHA High Point Non Pro Champion, winning a gorgeous new saddle; and,  shown by Joyce, NCCHA '08 10,000 Amateur Top 5!

photo courtesy of  John O'Hara photography


Samantics -- Owned and shown by Roy Carnevale, 2011 Cow Palace Grand National Rookie Champion and buckle winner--CONGRATS!!! winning 1st place in the $1000 Amateur and his first NCHA check the first time showing at the 2011 Spring RECHA show!! 2009 NCCHA $10,000 Am. Top 5 Winner, and $500 Rider Top 5 Winner first year showing! Congratulations to owner/rider, Gordon Gaddy, for winning 2nd in the 10K Amateur and picking up his first check at the Echeta Ranch Summer Cutting! Congratulations to owner and rider, Gordon Gaddy, for winning his first class on Sammy in his rookie year--NCCHA 500 Limit! '08 NCCHA Open Reserve Champion with Jason. 

Scooters Bold Chex, owned by Bob Cooley, won the RECHA $50,000 Amateur Hi Point Saddle 2007.

SG Dixie Starlight--Owned by Gordon Gaddy and show by Jason, 2012 Grand National Jr. 3rd., 2012 QHEAC Circuit Champion Jr. Cutting! 2012 RECHA $1500 Novice Champion, great job!!

Shesa Commanding Cat--Owned by Mark and Rebecca Pine, shown by Jason, 2012 PCCHA Futurity Inter. Open FINALIST Top 5!! 2012 PCCHA FUTURITY INTERMEDIATE OPEN FINALIST, owned by Mark & Rebecca Pine, shown by Jason--congrats!!

Shesa Star Player--2012 RECHA Jr. Youth Champion with Christopher Brennan! 2011 PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION Sr. Youth with Jake Brennan--great job!! 2011 McArthur Sr. Youth Circuit Champion!!

Shesbythebighorse- 2016 AQHA Select World Show 7th place and Super Select Reserve World Champion owned and ridden by Phil Morris.

Six Shooter Boogie--2013 GCCHA Top Ten High Point Horse, great job!! 2013 Rancho Murieta Summer AQHA Select Amateur Circuit Champ buckle winner--great job!! 2013 PCCHA SPRING ROUNDUP CIRCUIT CHAMP 2k LIMIT with Phil Morris--congrats!! 2012 QHEAC Circuit Champion Select Amateur and Senior Horse!! 2012 AQHA Select World Super Sr. Finalist - 3rd, 2012 El Rancho $1000 Amateur Class Winner with Phil Morris, congrats!

Slipdown Chickasaw--owned and shown by Kathy Burr, TOP 15 $15,000 Amateur, 2013 PCCHA Top Ten $15000 Amateur, great job!!

Smart Lookin Cat--owned by Mark and Rebecca Pine. Shown by Jason, 2016 AQHA World show amateur Top 10, TOP 10 $10,000 Novice and TOP 10 $15,000 Amateur with Jenna Pine. 2013 PCCHA Reserve Champion $10000 Novice with Jason!! 2013 AQHA Select World TOP 10 with Rebecca, congratulations! 2013 PCCHA SPRING ROUNDUP CIRCUIT CHAMP $10k NOVICE with Jason! 2013 AQHA World Show Amateur Cutting qualified and Select World qualified with Rebecca. Congratulations to the Pine Family, 2012 AQHA INTERMED. JR. OPEN WORLD CHAMPION with Jason aboard, and Top 10 Overall!! 2012 PCQHA Jr. Cutting CHAMPION! 2012 AQHA WORLD CHAMPION JR. INTERMEDIATE & OVERALL TOP TEN--great job!! 2012 Grand National Jr. Champion with Jason. 2012 AQHA Select World Show Finalist with Becky Pine placing 8th and Intermediate Finalist placing 3rd, QHEAC 2012 Circuit Champion All Ages Cutting with Jason, and QHEAC Circuit Champion Select Amateur and AQHA World Show Qualified in one show with Rebecca Pine--great job!! Shown by Jason, 2011 Cow Palace Grand National AQHA Junior Cutting Champion and buckle winner--congrats!! 2011 QHAEC Junior Cutting Circuit Champion winning under all 4 judges!! Shown by Jason, and owned by Mark and Rebecca Pine, congratulations on winning the derby class at the RECHA Summer Spectacular marking a 75, great job!! Shown by Dana, 2011 PCCHA Paso Robles Non Pro Derby Finalist, 2010 NRCHA Open Limit CHAMPION, 2010 Idaho Reined Cow Horse Assoc. Open CHAMPION, NSHA Intermediate Open Finalist, First-Timer Finalist, Owned and shown by Jason, National Snaffle Bit Association Futurity Limited Open Finalist 4th, and First Timer Reserve Champion--congratulations on a great show!

Smart Michaelangelo, owned by Liz Booth, 2011 El Rancho 5/6 $200k Limit Non Pro Finalist with Roger, 2011 PCCHA Paso Robles 5/6 $200K Amateur Champion with Roger Booth, shown by Liz Booth - 2010 Las Vegas South Point 5/6 Amateur Champion, great job! 2009 NCHA AREA 4 YR. OLD NP CHAMPION with Liz Booth, PCCHA CHAMPION 4 YR. OLD NONPRO, PCCHA $200K Derby Non Pro Co-Reserve Champion, 2009 NCHA Summer Spectacular Amateur Derby Finalists--Congrats!! Also, 2009 South Point Circuit Champion Non Pro Derby.

Smoothly Cattin - Congratulations to Roy Carnevale on winning his first checks on his new horse at GCCHA and McArthur--what a great new team! Shown by Jason - 2011 El Rancho Futurity Open Finalist, and with Dana El Rancho Futurity Non Pro Reserve Champion!!


 Somebody Peppy -- Owned and shown by Francine Dowden-Allyn, 2011 QHEAC Novice Amateur Class Winner, congrats!! winning the $2000 Limit and placing 2nd in the $15,000 Amateur at the 2011 Spring RECHA show--great job! shown by Jason, won 2nd at the McArthur Futurity and was an Idaho Cutting Horse Association Open Futurity Finalist -- Congratulations to this young stud by Somebody Smart! Congrats to Somebody Peppy, ridden by Jason--'08 Finalist Idaho Cutting Futurity

Spectacular Playboy - Ridden by David Booth, PCCHA TOP 3, Spec marked a 76 at the KCCHA Fall Cutting to win the Non Pro--great job!!Owned by Roger & Liz Booth and shown by David Booth, PCCHA Summer Circuit Non Pro Circuit Champion

Tik Tok--Tik Tok--owned and shown by Heather Lewis 2013 PCCHA Top Ten $5000 Nov./Non Pro, congratulations!! With Dana - 2012 El Rancho Aged Event $200k Derby Non Pro Finalists!! Previously owned and shown by David Booth, 2011 Tejon Ranch Non Pro Futurity Reserve Champion, great job!!


Time To Deliver - NCHA TOP 15 $10,000 Amateur with Michael Gennis, NCHA TOP 15 $2000 Limit, PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION $2000 Limit, PCCHA TOP 5 $10,000 Am.

Time To Swing -- owned/shown by Dedee McWhorter, 2012 PCCHA TOP 10 $15k Amateur and $2k Limit with Amber Allen!! 2010 PCCHA Year End Top 10 $35,000 Non Pro with Dedee McWhorter, and Top 10 $2000 Limit with Amber Allen, NCHA RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION $10,000 Amateur with Dedee McWhorter, NCHA TOP TEN $20K NonPro, PCCHA CHAMPION $10,000 Am., PCCHA RESERVE CHAMPION $20,000 NP, Area CHAMPION $10,000 Am.,  KCCHA '09 $10k Amateur Circuit Champion, 2009 McArthur 10,000 Amateur Circuit Champion, winning a gorgeous new Roohide saddle--great job!! Were Top 5 at the PCCHA Summer Circuit $10,000 Amateur Buckle Series, Top 5 10Am in the Paso Robles Derby. Also, these two were the NCCHA '08 10,000 Am. Saddle Champions and top 5 20,000 NonPro!

Tom And Freckles Too -- owned and shown by Sarah Bertoli, picked up the NCCHA '08 Championship 2-Handed!

Travalena Guarantee - Shown by Jake Brennan, 2010 PCCHA Youth Invitational Qualifier and Top Ten,  with Tracy Pasquini the GCCHA 500 NonPro Champions and 3rd in the Youth. Congrats to Trav and Tracy for being the year end VCHA Champions in the Youth and 2000 Limit!

Travalin Ms Sammie & Devlyn Drake SDCHA 50,000 Am. Circuit Champion, NCHA World $20,000 Non Pro WORLD CHAMPION, 2007 PCCHA 20,000 Non Pro Champion, PCCHA Top 5 50,000 Am.

Tule Belles Best--owned by Vintage Oaks Quarter Horses and shown by Jason, 2013 McArthur Open Futurity Champion, great job!!

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